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TEDxNorwichED 2019

On July 13th 2019, ReDDs Media was proud to work for the first time with TEDxNorwichED, East Anglia's premiere TEDx event.

TEDx events are independently organised TED events featuring fantastic speakers from around the world talking on topics designed to inspire, educate and spark thoughts. TEDxNorwichED is one of the most successful TEDxED events in the world, and boats a reputation of high production value and huge interest in the education sector. So when we were approached by Tim Handley, lead organiser of TEDxNorwichED we were incredibly excited to begin work on this exciting project.

From the initial brief we knew this project would challenge us to create quality video in a way that we've not attempted before. As well providing a 6 camera Full HD live stream to Facebook and YouTube reaching over 25,000 people, we were also asked to film, edit and produce the 29 TED Talks to be featured on, one of the biggest sources of video content in the world.

But how do you film just a single subject on stage and still make the video feel interesting and dynamic? This challenge brought us to look into movement as the answer to our question. Movement would allow the audience to feel the pace and emotions in the room, right from their living room. So, on our quest for movement, we setup our 18ft Camera Crane in the back corner of the room on a 1m high platform, which allowed us to get large, sweeping shots of the audience as they laughed, applauded and reacted to the speakers on stage. This technique connects the online audience into the room with perspective greater than that shown just on stage. However, this would provide only a glimpse of the movement we were looking for. So, for the first time at any event, ReDDs Media provided a 7m full Dolly Track system placed in the heart of the audience, centre place to make online viewers feel part of the action. This technique not only added the movement we were looking for but also become our wide, perspective shot that shows scale and size to the viewer.

To handle audio, we installed a DANTE Network Audio System in the venue, allowing both the venue's FOH engineers, and our broadcast audio engineers to receive identical audio, directly straight from the source at the highest quality available and all over the network. This technology also allowed our team to record a high quality multitrack recording of each input for later mixing in post. We knew that seeing the audience interaction wasn't going to be enough, you have to hear them too. To combat this, we installed a match stereo pair of cardioid condenser microphones on each side of the stage, creating a wide stereo field of sound for the viewers at home to feel like they are sitting in the audience themselves.

Tim Handley, event organiser had this to say:

"ReDDs Media provide a high quality professional service. Their provision of our complex live stream and post-video editing was outstanding and they acted with upmost professionalism at all times. The knowledge the team show is second to none, as is their commitment to detail and ensuring the very best results. We are looking forward to using ReDDs Media for our future TEDxNorwichED events."

We're so pleased to have been given the opportunity to work with TEDxNorwichED and we're excited to be working with them again next year. To see what we got up to at TEDxNorwichED and what the event is all about, check out the highlights reel we produced at the end of the event for their social media.

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