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Watton Pentecostal Church

Watton Pentecostal Church approached us wanting a new lighting system with the versatility to scale between normal Sunday gatherings, youth events and special occasions such as Christmas and Easter.

During the first site visit, the project quickly grew. Upon discovery they were running a 4:3 aspect ratio projection screen, we knew upgrading them to a 16x9 widescreen projection screen and moving it to the center of the room would be the best call, and after some further talks they agreed. We also knew that upgrading their outdated analog sound board to a new digital audio console would be a fantastic upgrade, giving them more control over EQ, the ability to compress vocals and add complex effects such as Reverb, Delay and Multiband-Compression. The console of choice for their budget was a Behringer X-32, a console we had previously never recommended to any of our customers. However, this console proved to be a great fit for their team. To complete the audio system, we provided a full system and room tuning, which you can find out more about here.

To accommodate for the central position of their new 16x9 projection screen install, our installation team filled in an old window above stage as well as another window to the side of the stage that was casting sun light onto the wall where the new screen was going to be placed.

Now, onto the main event. For lighting, we installed a 6 meters of Milos's M290 Structural Truss, a fantastic choice for strength, longevity and visual appeal. We also mounted their projector onto this truss. We installed 6 480W LED Moving Heads, fantastic for three reasons: They never require a lamp change, can be extremely small in size and fit even the smallest budgets. These moving heads are equipped with a touch screen for easy operation and RGBW LED's, allowing them to create any colour and use the moving heads for front lighting the stage. Due to the DMX controllable zoom and focus functionality, these moving heads can be adjusted from a wide throw of light to a tight beam.

For stage effect lighting we installed 10 custom fabricated upright LED Batons, that utilise affordable RGB LED Tape. All 10 LED Batons are individually controllable, thanks to the 30 channel DMX controller designed by our team and manufactured in China to our spec.

Finally, to control the lighting, we installed an Avolites Titan One. The T1 includes all the features of the full sized Avolites Consoles, in an affordable and small package thanks to the use of USB connectivity to a Windows based PC, instead of the need for a clunky full sized console. This made the Avolites Titan One the perfect choice for this project.

After initial completion of the project, the client was so pleased with the results that they requested we install new house lighting to replace their outdated and yellowed fluorescent lighting. For this, we use high quality Optoma 1200mm x 300mm LED panels, suspended from the ceiling using steel cable. This not only flooded the room with lots of High CRI Value light, but also created a sleek and modern look. This upgraded house lighting along with the new stage lighting system prompted the client to re-paint and install new carpet. All in all, a huge success.

"ReDDs Media, worked with us at a level other firms just couldn't manage. We built a close relationship, developing trust in the process. In the end we expanded our budget to incorporate a new digital sound desk, speakers, lighting and projection and are so glad we did. I would happily recommend ReDDs Media to any Church (or anyone else) looking to update their audio or lighting systems." - Ian Bruce, Watton Pentecostal Church.

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Watton Pentecostal Church Watton Pentecostal Church Watton Pentecostal Church Watton Pentecostal Church Watton Pentecostal Church Watton Pentecostal Church Watton Pentecostal Church

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