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ONE Event 2019

At the end of August, ReDDs Media provided full multi-camera IMAG (Image Magnification) and video for Groundlevel’s ONE Event festival on the Lincolnshire Showground which attracts over 10,000 worshipers for a week of camping, worship and entertainment for all ages. This year, we provided video for ONE Events flagship venue, the Big Top.

During the initial production meetings, we knew there would be some challenges that would push our creativity and drive our constant pursuit after new and dynamic production. Working with portrait LED Screens, something we’ve not done before, we were able to re-evaluate how we compose our cameras in order to fit a widescreen 16x9 video image onto a portrait screen. This allowed us to cut away the noise and distraction from our composition and focus on what really matters, the content.

As well as the portrait LED Screens either side the stage, this year we also had to work with a pyramid shaped main content screen centred on the stage. The challenge? Producing identical content to fit on portrait screens, the pyramid and the 16x9 displays around the venue. To do this, we worked with Groundlevel to produce a graphics package that featured custom content for each screen surface aspect ratio and shape.

To capture all the action on stage, we provided a 7 camera setup including our dolly track and some handheld cameras on stage, as well as the tripod shots from around the venue. The stage was also in the shape of a pyramid, this challenged us to shoot the action from multiple angles because there really was no one straight edge on the stage.

To operate all this equipment, we worked with Groundlevel’s volunteers, many of whom were previously untrained with this event being their first experience with live video production. For us, this was an exciting proposition which allowed us to be able to work with and invest in people who run the small scale production at their local church. Training and equipping local churches is at the heart of our vision as a company, and events like this give us the opportunity to equip church volunteers with new skills and insights into a professional level of production. Find our more about our church team training.

Among many other challenges, one of the biggest challenges with this event to overcome is the location. The main venue takes place on grass inside of a tent with generator power, so we built a system that we knew would be robust inside of an ever changing environment controlled by the weather.

For distribution, we were also able to record each session inside of the big top in high quality HD video for distribution on Groundlevel’s website and via DVD and Blu Ray.

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