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Custom Fabrication

Not everything fits in a cookie cutter shape. Use cases and specific workflow based solutions can be different all over the shop. Thats why ReDDs Media offers custom fabrication services from our workshop to your project. Our skilled design and fabrication team can create anything from custom camera mounting solutions to full electronic show pieces.

We specialise in custom fabrication for the entertainment industry. From stage props to custom studio lighting solutions we make it all. Some of our past projects have included custom camera mounting solutions for installations, arcade cabinets, custom projector array stacking systems and unique LED stage lighting equal to the light output of traditional halogen based front lighting.

We start at the design process, working with your team to design a 3D computer modal to combat the challenges you battle with and fit the brief of what you are trying to create. Wether you require a custom solution to a workflow related problem or just need something fabricated that you cannot buy on shelves, our design team always starts with the 3D modal.

After you have signed off the designs, our fabrication team works with the design team to work out the best materials and manufacturing techniques for the project. Discussing details such as durability requirements, weight load, user interaction and more allows us to find the perfect harmony between materials and design.

In the next step in our fabrication process, the fabrication team begin building the designs, taking note of previous conversions such as materials and design requirements. We use both old and new technologies such as welding and woodworking all the way to additive manufacturing - that's 3D Printing to you and me. If custom circuit boards are required, our design team sends these PCB designs to China to be manufactured in small quantities at low cost.

Finally, its assembly time where we take all the unique parts created for your project and put them together, test and deliver to you. Each product is rigorously tested to meet your design requirements and our internal quality requirements. Products we produce are safe, strong and will last for the duration of their planned use although most likely longer.

Obviously, our design and fabrication process can scale to match your budget or requirements. Contact our sales team today to discuss what we can do for you or request a quote.

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